SEO trends keep changing year on year and it’s important to stay up to date. Throughout the first half of 2022 one of the most talked about SEO trends was the user intent. So, we thought why not have a look at how this trend has panned out so far?

Google rolled out updates that focused on gauging the correct intent behind the search query put in by the user. This user intent trend continues to be strong and is here to stay for sure. Strategists should stop thinking in terms of simply ‘SEO content’ and rather must focus on creating content for users with the user intent and such relevant keywords in mind.

Be it a blog, video, or website content, it should be planned in such a way that the keywords are a result of the users’ intent behind their search. Search intent has become all the more important now and will continue to be so especially after Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) update rolled out. This update continues to be quite influential and lays more focus on complex and long-tail searches in a bid to solve the user’s queries as efficiently as possible.

With the user intent trend bound to remain strong, search marketers will have to rethink their content creation approach and focus more on understanding intent more clearly and intelligently. Keywords continue to hold the fort as always, what needs to be further done however is that marketers need to look beyond keywords as they are to draw added meaningful insight from them.

What will continue to be vital in 2022 is understanding how the keywords can be targeted to meet the search intent which will be the key difference between an effective and ineffective strategy.

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