The page experience update that Google rolled out recently has again changed the way in which your websites should deliver. This update lays a great emphasis on user experience which again plays a pivotal role when it comes to the ranking of the websites. So when it comes to website design, some additional thought should be put into how the websites are designed so as to enhance the user experience. There are several elements that go into the making of a user-friendly website:·  
Loading Speed·  
Ease of Navigation·  
Mobile Friendly·  
Security and Safe Browsing·  
Visual Appeal and Stability

These are some of the basic elements that go into the making of a great website that is sure to offer an excellent user experience. Without emphasis on these elements, your website might just go into the list of websites that tend to disappear from Google’s first page every so often.

What are the elements that need to be kept in mind?·  
No compromise when it comes to the quality of content that goes on your website content·  
Use of responsive web design is a must·  
If you have not upgraded your host, it is time that you do so·  
Make sure that your website is up to date·  
If the files are too large make sure that these are compressed so that there is no lag while loading·  
Make sure that the media elements are optimised well·  
Promptly take care of broken links or redirects·  
Keep pop ups to a minimum. Unnecessary pop ups are annoying

These are some of the things that can help ensure the user experience is good. While doing so, however, make sure that you monitor your page experience reports on a regular basis so that you get an idea as to what is working and what is not. Not only with the update, page experience is important in general for your brand as well. A good website that keeps the users engaged goes a long way in increasing your client base and your sales at the same time. So make sure that you invest in a website design that does not only focus on a flamboyant design but has elements that balance the design and the usability in the best way possible. Visit us to find the best website design in Poole.