The digital marketing world has a full spectrum of marketing tools that can be used effectively to push your website ahead and gain traffic from your target audience. Two main components of digital marketing are SEO and PPC.

These are two terms that we often hear. But for someone who is not well versed with the terminology, what exactly are these and which one is more suitable for you?SEO or ‘search engine optimisation’ and PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ are forms of digital marketing that many businesses use to improve their online presence and boost sales. Both are great ways of nurturing leads. But if you had to choose between the two, what should you go for?

Here is a quick look without getting into too many technical details.

First, the difference?
While SEO focuses on driving traffic to your website, PPC is all about placing paid ads on different search engine result pages.SEO can include anything from creating content for your social media or website in the form of blog posts or articles which contain relevant keywords. These keywords improve your website’s visibility across the search engines.

PPC advertising on the other hand shows ads on search engine result pages which display offers for potential customers. PPC requires paying every time time someone clicks on the ads. PPC provides you with an opportunity to improve your reach quicker than SEO at times.

To sum it up, SEO will improve your online presence and ensure that your website is placed at the top of the search engine results. If you are looking at creating brand awareness or improving your credibility, SEO is what you should be looking at. It has long term effects and is comparatively cost effective. But if your aim is to quickly grab attention from users and boost sales faster it must be PPC, although it must be noted that PPC can turn out to be expensive and does not have lasting effects. It is all about quick attention seeking and quicker sales.

Our take? Use a mix of both. A balance is always good. However, it is always SEO that will help you position your brand very well across the internet. Creating good brand awareness is important which ultimately is going to grab attention for you and convert to sales.

If you need any information about these two, we are always happy to help. Get in touch with us if you have any SEO Dorset requirements.