Your website is typically the first impression your potential clients or customers will get of your business. It is necessary that your website is accessible, user friendly and provides just the right amount of information.

Different types of websites have different and unique features and purposes. Knowing what is right for your business is of utmost importance. Choosing the right kind of website design and type can be majorly confusing but having the right details about it can help make your decision more informed.

1. Single page website
Ideal for artists or people who have a lot of information of a journey / hierarchy to portray. A single page can be as long as needed with a lot of components and elements as the page progresses.

2. Static website
It is directed to one type of user only. The dimensions of the elements do not change as per the screen size. Again, not used for selling but to relay information.

3. Dynamic website
This allows a lot of user interaction with the website and changes as per user responses and device. This is ideal for selling goods and products.

4. Adaptive website
This is usually used for 2 or 3 column pages where they have to be adjusted as per the screen width and screen resolution. It adapts to the screen on which it is being viewed so that it does not create any hassle for the user.

Whichever type of design you choose, it is important to feature your brand colours and aesthetics to create a lasting impression and ensure the user connects to your brand immediately.

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