Organic traffic is one sure way of having visitors that convert. Attracting visitors requires the application of newer strategies for continued positive results. If you are a business looking at increasing your traffic in organic or paid ways, here are 4 ways that will work without a doubt.

The one thing that has managed to sail along with the endless tide of Google Updates is keywords. With so many SEO strategies falling in and out of favour with the updates, this is one thing that continues to be in favour. Having relevant keywords in your content is very important so as to reach out to audiences that have a better potential of converting to sales. These are an important part of the entire content right from the meta description to your page title, URL, headers as well as the main body of the content.

Content and Guest Posts
It goes without saying that content is what draws traffic to your website. Useful, captivating and straightforward is how it should be for it to do its job well. Apart from your actual website, another important factor that goes a long way in attracting traffic is guest posting. Guest posts on other websites are the best way to create backlinks, increase referral traffic, as well as SERP rankings.

Social Media
Social media is the best tool you have available to attract visitors. You can engage with your audience through blogs, videos, e-books, infographics, etc. so that there is a better chance of them visiting your website. It gives you the opportunity to interact with followers, getting them to repost your content, tagging them and getting tagged in turn to improve your reach. Social media influencers are a big thing and can help you well with your organic reach.

Search engine optimisation is hands down the most important tool for all of your digital marketing campaigns. It is one of the most essential techniques for Google ranking, which improves traffic to your website leading to increased conversions and sales. SEO improves your chances of popping up in relevant searches to draw a crowd that matters.

These are a few of the sure steps with which you can expect a sizable increase in your website traffic over a period of time. While some strategies work instantly some might take a bit of time. On the foundation of these basics, finding a combination of other things that work for you is important. Get in touch with us at Dorset Web for all your SEO Dorset requirements.