What is your aim when you design your company website? What is the purpose of your website and what are your marketing goals? Depending on how you aim to make use of your website in favour of your business you should always have a clear plan. When we design websites for our clients, these are some of the first questions that come to mind. So why are these things important? 

For the very simple reason that a website that is not planned out properly and not well thought of is never going to work for you! Rather than just throwing some things together and hoping for the best, planning an effective strategy that meets the needs and goals of your business is crucial.

The purpose of your website depends on a lot of aspects. There are websites that are solely used for the purpose of social media or content experience. Then there are eCommerce websites that are meant for buying or selling products or services. Depending on who you cater to and whether it is consumers or businesses the theme of your website will again change. 

What more can a website do for you?

It can increase the credibility of your business. If you can stand out amongst your competitors with a good looking website that provides quality information, you have a great tool in your hands that can help you generate leads.

Brand Identity
There is brand identity to think of. A website is very important if you want to portray the right image of your company.

Right Audience and Organic Traffic
The right audience is very important if you are looking at a higher conversion rate. Often products and services are meant for a particular set of audiences. A website with smart content that attracts the attention of the right type of user is important. It will help you fetch organic traffic that has a better potential for converting to sales.

A website that has good traffic is also the perfect place to notify your clients about the latest offers, product additions, updates and announcements.

Digital Marketing
If you are looking at leveraging your digital marketing efforts in a bid to increase leads and grow your business, driving traffic to your website or landing page is important. Digital marketing is hugely important in the current landscape and can prove to be much more effective than many conventional marketing methods in terms of attracting customers and traffic.

At Dorset Web, our website design services are client-specific and each project is tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business. Every website is built to the highest level of perfection. We take our time to understand your business and only after discussing your ideas do we decide on how to best showcase your brand online.

If you are looking at building a website for your business, get in touch with us.