SEO was always relevant. But there are many who have started to understand the importance of SEO only since the pandemic came into our lives. As more and more businesses go digital and continue to thrive through the digital medium, the importance of SEO becomes more and more clear. As always, Google continues to implement new algorithms which affect the performance of your website. This time it is all about the user experience. Google introduced page experience signals that are set to affect ranking. These signals measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page and give the website owners opportunities for improvement based on the Core Web Vitals Reports.

As the year comes nearer to a close, if you haven’t so far given it a thought, it is essential to understand five critical concepts of SEO in a bid to gear up for future success.

The 5 most important concepts of SEO

Mobile experience
This has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important factors to consider. With screen sizes changing forever and many phones, such as foldable ones, having such different screen sizes, responsive websites that work well across all screen sizes is of utmost importance. And with mobile first indexing being the new norm, the mobile version of your website has become all the more important – not only in terms of how it looks but also in how well it ranks. So what you need to understand here is that being mobile-friendly isn’t enough anymore. You need to be “mobile-first” from now on.

Image compression
The quality and size of images affects the loading time of your website. Image compression is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when it comes to mobile SEO. You should make sure to compress any uncompressed images. There are many tools available for this. You can also easily crop images so that they are the right size. This means that they do not take forever to load on the website.

Informational page content
Content is king has been the notion for the longest time. But informational content is important. Just having pages full of content is of no use. Content should be on point, relevant and structured in a way where the user can just skim through to find what they need. The bottom line is that informational content gives you the best opportunity to drive search market share.

Site speed and technical structure
Importance of site speed needs no justification. Increased loading time can increase the bounce rate. At the same time having a clean, clear and simple structure is important as it makes it easy for the users to find out what they are looking for.

Meta Descriptions and Headlines
The meta description and headline of your page appears in the search results. Why is it important? Simply because it is the first thing a person will see. First impressions are important especially in the digital world. So making a good one will help people make the right choice when deciding whether to visit your website or not. Alongside this, it is important that your headline contains your focus keywords.

As Google continues to push its focuses towards user experience, a simple understanding of these key SEO concepts can help the end-user immensely.