If your website is struggling to gain traffic, it’s likely that you’re not investing in effective SEO services. There is no point in having a website that is simply lost amongst the millions and millions of other websites. SEO strategies can help your website get noticed by more people, focusing on the targeted audience for your specific products or services. Nevertheless, here are a few that you can take care of on your end that will help increase your website’s visibility:

  1. Secure a unique and memorable domain name. Having a simple URL that is easy to remember will immediately put you ahead of many others who have overcomplicated their branding.
  2. Competitive analysis is important to ensure your site isn’t too similar to other companies you will be competing with. This can lead to confusion for consumers who may mistake other company websites for yours and vice versa, leading to a potential loss of business.
  3. Invest in strong and effective search engine optimisation from a reputable company. This is vital to ensure your website ranks highly in web searches, and will mean you are found ahead of your competitors.
  4. Adding pages to your website helps. If you have not started a blog or news section yet, it is time that you give it some thought. As well as having a positive impact on your SEO, it is a great way to keep your customers up to date with your business.
  5. Having an active social media presence can provide additional exposure for your website.
  6. Google My Business is an important resource. Create an account, find yourself on Google maps and claim your business.
  7. Content is important. And by content we not only mean the written word, but pictures and videos as well. Use compelling images and videos for better effect.
  8. Reviews are important. Do you have happy customers? Get them talking!
  9. Lastly, promote, promote, promote! Wherever you see an opportunity, grab on to it. Make use of local media such as local radio, magazines or newspapers. Even if they charge you a fee, it can be a good investment if it is going to get you noticed.

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