There are a ton of websites out there. These days every business has good digital exposure and hence the competition is much more than it once was. Amidst all the competition, how do you stand out in the crowd? First impressions matter and this is true when it comes to your website too. Clever design and quality content that portrays your brand is the first step towards the right first impression. By clever design, we mean that your website should be designed in such a way that it shows off your brand in the best possible manner.

There are certain key elements of website design that we swear by and give prime importance to while taking up each and every design project.

Design and Aesthetics
Visual impact is hands down the most important element for the success of any website. However, while doing so at times some websites tend to drift away from the brand image. The aesthetics of the website should seamlessly integrate with your brand image. If your website can reflect who you are while visually connecting with the audience, you have a winner right there. It will not only contribute to brand awareness but at the same time increase your credibility very well.

There is no denying that quality content is something that you just cannot do without. And by quality content, we do not mean just the written word. You also need to focus on videos, relevant and up-to-date news or information related to your business, and high-resolution pictures to make your website stand out. Apart from retaining traffic, this also ensures that your brand image is positively impacted.

There’s no point in having the perfect website if it is not visible. Your website should have the right SEO and digital marketing campaigns in order to increase exposure. These strategies include social media marketing as well as email marketing and can be vital in the success of your website. An understanding of the most suitable platforms, how to utilise the content etc. is important as these impact where and how you appear within search engine results. Make sure you have the right plan for ensuring this.

A website should be scaled to work well across all platforms and devices equally well. With a majority of people using mobiles for browsing, having a responsive website is very important. If your website fails to load quickly the chances of your bounce rate going up is greatly increased. It’s also likely that most people are not going to check both the desktop and the mobile versions. If your desktop version is on point while the mobile version is not up to the mark, chances are your business will lose credibility and customers.

These are some of the major elements of creating successful websites however, there are plenty of other factors that come into play. We believe that a strong brand image is created with a consistent process of evaluation, outstanding creative content and client engagement. Our team always works with our clients to create distinctive website designs that not only add to the brand image but define its values and personality very well.

If you require website design in Poole contact our team today to get a website that works for you and improves your business potential.