Local SEO is an important part of the optimisation process. It ensures that your business stands outamongst other local businesses and helps drive relevant traffic to your website. Leads are generated specifically from people who are searching for the products or services that you provide in your area and these leads are likely to have a higher conversion rate compared to random ones. As more and more people use search engines to find local products and services, local SEO ensures that such searches lead them to your website.  
These online searches include ones done with certain geo qualifiers such as county, city, postcode or ‘near me’ searches. Google identifies the geo-location and provides relevant results for a particular area.
Why should you prioritise Local SEO?
·   Helps locals find your business
·   Relevant information reaches your potential customers
·   An optimised local business brings a lot of opportunity
·   Mobile users tend to search for local businesses directly from Google
·   Local search means more walk-in custom if your business has a physical presence, which results in better conversion
Local searches are qualified leads that have a better potential to turn into sales. Haven’t ever considered SEO services for your business? It is about time that you do. If you are in need of professional search engine optimisation in Dorset, contact our friendly team today.